Almost a quarter of Oak Bay voters supported Causton

  • May. 10, 2011 4:00 p.m.

Liberal candidate Christopher Causton won 14 per cent of the popular vote across the Victoria riding, but his support was higher among those who know him best as Oak Bay’s mayor.

Close to a quarter of eligible voters in the municipality cast their vote for Causton.

He was awarded 26, 25, 23 and 20 per cent of the vote in the municipality’s four polling sites at Monterey middle school, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Glenlyon Norfolk junior school and Oak Bay High.

Similarly, three-term MP Denise Savoie found her biggest fan club among her neighbours in Vic West. She garnered exactly 75 per cent of the vote at the Vic West elementary school polling site – her strongest result in the riding.

But the so-called orange wave doesn’t extend over the entire neighbourhood. Residents who voted at the Delta Victoria Hotel, drawing largely from Songhees residents in Vic West, gave her 49 per cent support. Conservative candidate Patrick Hunt, by contrast, saw some of his strongest support in Victoria city at this voting site, at 30 per cent.

The riding’s Saanich and Oak Bay residents voted slightly more to the right of the political spectrum. Hunt beat out Savoie in 15 of 219 polls — mostly centered around the University of Victoria.

At the Emmanuel Baptist polling site, Hunt won 38 per cent of the vote compared with 31 per cent for Savoie.