VSD Surgery: How Much Does It Cost?

One of the most common congenital heart defects is a ventricular septal defect. With a VSD defect, there is an abnormal opening between the right and left ventricles. It can close on its own or, more often, requires surgical correction. VSD can be a single malformation or a part of the complex congenital heart defect. However, surgical intervention at the specialized healthcare facility will anyway lead the pathology back to normal.

What is VSD surgery?

Ventricular septal defects are corrected by suturing the hole surgically (i.e. simply by applying several sutures) or by using a synthetic or biological patch that is quickly covered by the heart’s tissue.

Radiosurgical methods of defect closure are also used. Their administration depends on the anatomical localization of the defect and the qualifications of surgeons. Traditional surgery for ventricular septal defects is one of the most suitable options for patients with congenital heart disease. You shouldn’t have any doubts if you have corresponding indications!

Radical surgery is not always possible. It can be dangerous for premature children, children with severe defects, children with signs of decompensated heart failure, especially when it comes to children in the first months of life. In such situations there is another solution. Doctors split the surgical treatment into two stages: first to improve a patient’s condition, and once it is stable enough – eliminate the defect.

Types of surgery for VSD

Currently, there are two common types of surgical treatment for VSD:

  1. Open heart surgery in conditions of artificial blood circulation; suturing the defect or its plasty with a pericardial patch.
  2. Correction of septal defect with the introduction of special devices (occluders) through large arteries, without open cardiac surgery.

Decision on surgical treatment depends on size of the defect, presence of pulmonary hypertension, patient’s age, presence of concomitant pathology, etc. The decision on the surgical treatment is made jointly by the attending cardiologist, cardiac surgeon, and related healthcare professionals (if necessary).

You can learn more about the indications and contraindications during the consultation with the cardiovascular surgeon.

Treatment for aortic valve stenosis in Europe

Recent studies demonstrate a connection between the aortic valve stenosis and the VSD defect, which can also be congenital. Aortic stenosis can be treated with prosthetics (artificial or biological valves) and plasty of the patient’s own valve.

In recent years there has been considerable progress in the surgical treatment of heart valve pathologies. Improvement of techniques, development of unified European standards and healthcare protocols for both preoperative examination and the course of surgery have reduced risks of complications, making the heart valve surgery safer. Surgical correction of VSD and aortic valve stenosis can be performed simultaneously. It can actually be combined with heart bypass surgery or other necessary intervention.

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Prices for VSD surgery

Of course, the question of VSD surgery cost worries many patients and insurance companies. So how much does VSD surgery cost?

The price for surgery depends on the country and the hospital, peculiarities of the pathology, presence of comorbidities, and other factors. On average, surgery for VSD costs about 9,000 EUR. Minimally invasive surgery costs about 5,900 EUR.

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