Oak Bay coach pens guide to letting go

Let Go: A Little Guidebook to Freedom is the first work by Antony Scandale

Recreation Oak Bay skating coach Antony Scandale recently completed his first book

Recreation Oak Bay skating coach Antony Scandale recently completed his first book

Oak Bay coach and first-time author Antony Scandale hopes to coax people into facing their future, and letting go of their past.

“It happened about eight years ago where I was not in a good place physically, mentally. I was constantly blaming others for my misfortunes,” said Scandale, a longtime hockey and skating coach with Recreation Oak Bay.

Constantly moving from job to job and feeling an urge to travel, he found “it always came down to blaming other people.”

Then he met a man who simply told him to change.

“He gave me some affirmations to get rid of the blockages that were happening in my mind, because it all comes down to energy.”

The Victoria resident discovered he was holding on to things on emotional and physical levels.

It was subtle, living in a mess, among broken objects and items he no longer used.

“His message to me was if you really want to change you have to start letting go of the past,” Scandale said. “A lot of people are looking to become rich, wealthy. However, they do not want to face their past. In order to get what you want in life you have to face the past and let it go.”

His philosophy on finding clarity and fulfillment is the foundation of the framework he shares with his clients. Scandale continues to serve as many people as possible, and shares his ideas through writing, photography and travelling.

He wrote the book Let Go: A Little Guidebook to Freedom.

As an instructor with Recreation Oak Bay, Scandale imparts wisdom of hockey and skating and likely the character values that relate to sports.

“I get great joy in teaching children, watching their progression,” he said. “My teaching style has changed because I have changed.”

It’s his first book, though he’s been working on a larger novel for six years as well. To overcome a writing block  he started piecing together short stories. That quickly created a framework in his mind for Let Go: A Little Guidebook to Freedom. He popped out for a notebook and filled it within two days, then spent some time adding and tweaking.

“I could see the format in front of me,” he said. “If you have time to read the horoscope you have time to do this method.”

Take a deep breath and clear your mind. Then ask the book what to let go of. Flip through the pages and when it feels right, open the book. Read the word and descriptions on the right, then adjoining affirmation on the left. Repeat the affirmation three times a day, or for as long as necessary to finally let go.

“My purpose in life is to show people there is a better way, because I’ve seen what life can be like when you’re in a negative light and it’s not pretty,” he said. “Live the moment you are now, you’re not yesterday.”

Order online at letgobook.net or on Amazon.