Bassinova Quartet plays St. Mary’s Thursday

Oak Bay Music’s Summer Serenade brings the double bass quartet to town July 7.

Bassinova Quartet

Bassinova Quartet

The Texas-based Bassinova Quartet presents its latest program for Oak Bay Music’s Summer Serenade Thursday (July 7).

The ensemble, featuring four double bass players and international laureates, focuses on showcasing the range, virtuosity, and musicality of their instrument.

The quartet recently gained international acclaim upon release of the first recording of a Shostakovich string quartet by a group of bassists.

The Bassinova Quartet will perform quartets by Beethoven, Shostakovich and a newly composed work by Victoria composer Nathan Friedman at St. Mary’s Anglican Church, 1701 Elgin Rd. as part of the Summer Serenade Series.

The concert will premier Friedman’s mais elle a suivi au cimetière, composed for baritone saxophonist Erik Abbink and the quartet.

Tickets, $25 and $20, are available at Ivy’s Books, and at the door.

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