Robert Bettauer

Robert Bettauer

Three’s a charm for tennis champ

Double the fun with consecutive wins for Oak Bay pals

Two Oak Bay men are provincial tennis singles provincial title-holders – again.

Robert Bettauer won his third Men’s 55 Singles title in four years during the B.C. Senior Tennis Championships last weekend at Jericho Tennis Club in Vancouver.

“It was Father’s Day so it was satisfying for me to have my family watching,” Bettauer said. “At this point we all have it in perspective. We play for the enjoyment. … What I love about competing at this age is you’re not only exercising your body, you’re exercising your mind and emotions.”

Hannes Blum won the Men’s 45 Singles title.

“He’s won back to back and ranked top three in Canada,” Bettauer said of his sometimes training partner.

“It was fun, it’s always fun. It’s nice to represent the Island a little bit and compete with the Mainland guys,” said Blum.

“It’s great to get out and be competitive in the seniors category. It keeps you fit on many levels.”

The win was the second consecutive title for Blum.

“Last year I was very happy, it was the first time I’d won a provincial title. To defend it was great,” Blum said.

“We just represented Canada in the world senior championships as well,” added Bettauer.

The Canadian contingent finished 11th at the World Senior Team Tennis Championships in Florida, a step up from the 17th place finish last year in Turkey.

Next up for Bettauer, who is also the current national champion, is the week-long grass court championships at South Cowichan.

“We are blessed that we have the second oldest grass club, the oldest being Wimbledon, in the world in South Cowichan,” he said.

At more than 125 years old and sporting seven, well-tended grass courts, the Oak Bay player enjoys playing on grass, something he’s done on the oldest grass courts during his professional tennis years.

“Playing on grass is a real treat,” he said. “Easy on the body. The grass is like a natural air conditioner. It just absorbs heat, it’s cool on the feet and body.”

Both hope to head to Toronto for nationals in August.


“That’s the next big highlight on the calendar. I’m strongly considering it,” Blum said. “Maybe we’ll make it a family trip.”