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Students bundle stick library, website to fundraise for Victoria animal rescue

Royal Roads business students seek site for dog stick library

A dog stick library without a home sounds like a sad situation – one five Royal Roads University students find themselves in.

The group is on the hunt for a place to put its hand-built stick library as part of a project to benefit the Victoria Pet Adoption Agency.

The bachelor of business administration students designed an online eco-friendly pet shop for the charity that rehabilitates and finds homes for more than 200 animals each year, explained Lawson Currie, a member of the group.

Their goal is to add a funding stream to support the work – Island Eco-Tails and the hand-built stick library without a home – are part of the solution.

“We’re hoping somebody who has a location close to a dog park or an area where there’s a field could take a library,” Currie said. “We might build a couple.”

Island Eco-Tails is an online store that sells cotton-based, eco-friendly dog, cat and human products. In the tangible realm, they built a library box specifically designed for dogs to borrow sticks from.

It’s part of a project-based learning exercise, in a program focused on innovation and sustainability where groups with different communities and non profits.

“They come to us with a problem they’re facing and we look at different ways of creating something that will work for them going forward,” Currie said.

For them, that was Victoria Pet Adoption Agency – funded solely by adoption fees, fundraising events, and donations from the public – that rehabilitates and re-homes animals, with a focus on pets that require medical care and feral kitten rehabilitation.

“What makes our venture unique is our commitment to social responsibility. All profits generated from Island Eco-Tails are donated to Victoria Pet Adoption Society, furthering our mission to make a positive difference in both the pet community and the environment,” Currie said.

On July 14, the business will be handed over to Victoria Pet Adoption Society, with a plan for further growth.

Learn more about hosting the dog library on the Island EcoTails website at Learn about the charity at

Christine van Reeuwyk

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