Members of the Rotary Club of Oak Bay flag committee Gordon Quigley

Members of the Rotary Club of Oak Bay flag committee Gordon Quigley

Rotary gets more flags flying

Rotary Club of Oak Bay’s flag program helps residents show their pride

If you noticed an increased number of Canadian flags flying during the May long weekend, you can thank Oak Bay’s Rotary Club.

Over the next few weeks members of the Rotary Club of Oak Bay will visit residences in Oak Bay and other areas of Greater Victoria to seek subscriptions for their annual Canada Flag Program.

Three times a year on Victoria Day, Canada Day and Labour Day, club members will erect a large flag on residents’ lawns at a location designated by the subscriber. The flag, flagpole and support spike will be retrieved a few days after each event for storage and use in future years.

The cost for flag placements is $50 per year.

“The purpose of the program is to promote patriotism for Canada and raise funds for charitable use by the club,” said Dr. Perry Bamji.

This year, the Flag Program of the Oak Bay Rotary has teamed up with the Interact Club at Oak Bay High school which will receive $10 for each subscriber they sign up. Interact is a club within Rotary International’s umbrella for young people ages 12 to 18 who want to join together to tackle issues in their community that they care most about.

“We have  a great bunch of enthusiastic kids in the Interact Club at Oak Bay,” said Bamji.

Over the past decade, through several fund raising events, club members have raised an average of $25,000 per year to support local Community and Youth Literacy Programs and another $25,000 per year to support International Humanitarian Programs. Over the past years the Club has contributed to the Carnavan Water Park, the Oak Bay Teen Center, Oak Bay Interact Club, Youth Leadership, Habitat for Humanity, Greater Victoria Eldercare Foundation, Mustard Seed, George Jay Elementary, Quadra Elementary and MacAulay School’s literacy programs to name a few.

On the International front, the club has supported projects in Malawi, Guatemala, Rwanda, Mexico, India and several other countries. The club is a major supporter of the Rotary Foundation which enables Rotarians throughout the world to carry out projects related to health, hunger and humanity.

If you wish to participate in their unique Canada Flag Program please contact the Rotary Club of Oak Bay via email at  or  go to