Online updates chart trainer’s progress

Friends, family follow Bob Martin’s recovery

In the digital age, it seems to be a lot easier to tell who your friends are.

It’s clear Bob Martin has a lot of friends and supporters.

The popular Henderson Recreation Centre trainer, 72, is facing a long road of recovery after being felled last fall by Guillain-Barré syndrome.

His movement is severely limited and he continues to breath mainly with the help of a ventilator, a fact that renders him unable to eat.

While the picture appears grim, the bright spots in Martin’s recovery are being recorded by his daughter, Leslie.

Through her posts to a online blog, she is keeping family, friends and clients alike up to date on Bob’s progress. More than 40 people have shared best wishes in the online guest book – comments relayed back to Bob and his family.

The current blog entry includes such heart-wrenching entries as: “On Dec. 20 he tried to say ‘hi Leslie.’ I heard him, it’s not quite there but, it will come …” and, “the most incredible gift he gave each of us was when we were standing beside his bed on Christmas Day, and he took his left arm and reached across the bed and touched my hand. I just about jumped out of my skin and screamed with excitement.”

Leslie takes care to remind readers that her father is “still paralyzed and on the ventilator, but he is slowly getting some feeling in parts of his body and this is a good sign.”

To sign up for regular e-mailed updates to the blog, visit ramgbs.word, click on the link below Bob’s picture then check your e-mail.