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Ode to Log Driver’s Waltz among art installations popping up in Saanich neighbourhood

Gorge Tillicum Community Association calling for amateur front yard art

A Saanich community association has launched an amateur outdoor art event and is asking residents to create their own front yard installations.

Whether it’s piecing together a sculpture out of household odds and ends or trimming a hedge into a funky design, all creations are welcome, Gorge Tillicum Community Association general director Reb Stevenson said. She kicked off the event with an ode to an iconic National Film Board of Canada short film, Log Driver’s Waltz.

Others who have contributed so far have hung paintings in trees, mounted giant signs, painted stones for front gardens and invited passersby to contribute to a giant front yard loom. Another resident created a heart of flowers, kids shoes and stuffed animals to honour the children whose graves have been found at former residential school sites.

“We just thought it’d be fun to invite people to get creative and communicate with their neighbours in a way that was COVID-safe,” Stevenson said. Just like at Halloween and Christmas, the installations are about getting people out and walking around.

It’s also about building community, Stevenson said.

“It invites discussion,” she said. “It’s an invitation to talk to your neighbours.”

Technically, the event runs until July 14, but Stevenson said they would be thrilled to see installations popping up at any time.

“It would be so nice to carry this throughout the summer.”

This was the community association’s first year running the outdoor art event, but Stevenson said they hope in the future more people get involved and they get at least one installation on every street.

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