Ken Adsett

Ken Adsett

Oak Bay United prepped for centennial celebrations

The cornerstone fulfills its role so well it is immoveable, no

The cornerstone fulfills its role so well it is immoveable.

There for 100 years, the congregation at Oak Bay United considered removing it to access a time capsule planted there when it was placed a century ago. It seems, however, integral to the structure and costly to remove.

“They could find no evidence of a time capsule in there,” added Ken Adsett, co-ordinator of the centennial celebrations. Aside from the cost, the only reference found in their archives indicates the capsule could be anywhere along the corner pillar.

But they’ll still hold a party to celebrate the centennial of placing that cornerstone.

“Well have the normal service in the morning 10 to 11, then move outside under the Dogwood trees,” he said.

“We’ll have a look at the cornerstone, rededicate it, then move down into the back garden for a barbecue,” Adsett said. “Maybe we’ll make our own little capsule and stash it away somewhere.”

They’ll set a “modern record” during services that day welcoming 16 new members to the church.

“Some are coming from other parts of the country and others joining for the first time,” Adsett said.


A number of community leaders and Masons, who were integral in the build a century ago, are expected to attend the June 8 event at Oak Bay United Church, 1355

Mitchell St.