Oak Bay Then and Now

A lookout at Haynes Point, in Haynes Park, stands where a home was once perched over the ocean

This photo

This photo

Sitting near what was then Mount Baker Avenue (now Beach Drive), a home partially on stilts juts out over the shoreline.

The home in the 1907 photograph is referred to in archival documents as the ‘Clayton house,’ in reference to a family that lived there, possibly after purchasing property from Arthur E. Haynes.

Haynes was an alderman on the first Oak Bay council, formed in 1906. He and his family lived at Sandhurst, an estate directly across Beach Drive from the home in the old photo.

Today, a lookout and park bench sit roughly where the Clayton house perched over the rocks and are part of what is now Haynes Park and Haynes Point. Part of the foundation for a subsequent building can be seen at low tide next to the lookout.

Sandhurst remains on the north side of the pathway that is considered the eastern end of Oak Bay Avenue.

– with thanks to Oak Bay Archives