No flagging subscriptions for Rotary service

Oak Bay club hopes to hit new high for Canada’s sesquicentennial

With Canada’s 150th birthday this year

With Canada’s 150th birthday this year

As Canada turns 150, Joan Peggs hopes to see more subscribers plant a Canada Day flag on their lawns to celebrate Victoria Day, Canada Day and Labour Day.

Peggs, chair of the Canada Flag Project, hopes to see 500 flags unfurl across the region those long weekends.

They don’t even have to do the planting. For a $50 annual subscription Rotarians temporarily erect a five-by-three-foot flag on a subscriber’s lawn prior to each of the the three holidays.

In a bid to get early subscriptions, the Rotary Club of Oak Bay held a draw for early subscribers, offering two winners gift cards for the Oak Bay Beach Hotel for getting their cash in before the deadline.

“I believe in Rotary and I like the idea of having a big flag in front of my house in holidays,” said winner Irene Robirtis.

The second winner, Gerald Hartwig, is a Fairfield resident who subscribed right at the start of the program.

“It’s supporting a great organization and we have the best country, we should be proud of it,” Hartwig said. “You can show your support for the country and show your support for Rotary.”

Don O’Coffey, who is on the flag committee, created  a sea of red on his Allenby Street, where he wrote letters to all his neighbours.

The 500 flag goal is lofty, admits Peggs who feels it’s achievable as Canada celebrates 150 years.

Last year ended with a total 341 subscribers, up 95 from the year before.

Funds raised through the program support local and international humanitarian projects.

Regional programs include funding Carnavan Water Park, the youth centre, Oak Bay High Interact Club, Youth Leadership, Habitat for Humanity, Greater Victoria Eldercare Foundation, Mustard Seed and George Jay, Quadra and school literacy programs. International support includes projects in Malawi, Guatemala, Rwanda, Mexico and India and several other countries.

Email to register for the program.