Lyme-Aid event returns to support local sufferer

JL Lyme Support Society is teaming up with local musicians to host Lyme-Aid 6 on May 9.

Performers for the fundraiser include Katie Schaan, Ellisa Hartman, Georgia Murray and Genevieve Rainey. Proceeds support Lyme disease sufferer Jean-Luc Giroux’s treatment costs in the U.S.

Lyme sufferers claiming the provincial medical system is poorly equipped to deal with the disease received some backing this spring.

An article in the April B.C. Medical Journal revealed that of 221 cases of the disease diagnosed in 2007 by physicians surveyed for a study, only 13 were reported.

The report also said 60 per cent of respondents were not aware that a bulls-eye shaped skin rash is diagnostic for Lyme disease, without any other testing required.

“While there is no consensus on cause of persistent symptoms in some people after appropriate treatment for LD, it is clear these patients might benefit from a more co-ordinated model of diagnosis and care,” wrote the study’s authors.

Lyme-Aid 6 happens at Victoria Event Centre, 1415 Broad St. Doors open at 8 p.m. Tickets are $12.