Oak Bay’s 1987 municipal election

Oak Bay’s 1987 municipal election

History’s Headlines: ‘The mother of all intersections’

While it was looking like “apathy would be the only horse running” in Oak Bay’s 1987 municipal election

While it was looking like “apathy would be the only horse running” in Oak Bay’s 1987 municipal election, by Oct. 14, the Oak Bay Star reported. that in addition to Christopher Causton, “a well-known restaurateur known for his community involvement,” civil servant Silvio Tognela and stock broker David Nicholson had thrown their hats in the ring to challenge incumbent aldermen Peter Bunn, Neil Swainson and Charles Clayton.

With 12 days left for nominations, The Star expected a few names might still come forward.



* * *

“Man in Motion” Rick Hansen visited the University of Victoria to promote his new book, co-authored with former Victoria sports writer Jim Taylor.

Among the Oak Bay residents on hand to meet Hansen was a delegation from Willows Elementary.



* * *

Moving ahead 10 years, it was the proposal to build an on a small, narrow lot that captured the front page of the day.

Reporting in the Oct. 15, 1997 edition, the Oak Bay News noted a proposal to build a house on a 22-foot-wide lot on Elgin Road passed Oak Bay’s committee of the whole, though Mayor Christopher Causton and Coun. John Pallett were opposed.

While the majority of councillors appreciated the attractive design and affordability of the proposed home, Causton and Pallett were concerned about the many variances required to build on a lot that was never intended to be used for a home.

However, a petition in support of the project swayed then Coun,.Nils Jensen: “The one thing that encourages me to support this is the acceptance by the community. I trust their judgment.”



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Municipal engineer Stuart Pitt suggested a traffic circle might be a solution for what then Coun. Nils Jensen called “the mother of all intersections,” the five-way intersection where Thompson, Musgrave, Estevan and Hamiota streets meet.

However, “residents pointed out a traffic circle may be the solution for vehicles but not for pedestrians, particularly the students walking to Willows school.”



What it cost: 1987

• Fresh local lettuce – 3/99 cents

• New Zealand Lamb –  $1.99 per pound

• Package of eight “you-bake” croissants – $1