Campaign moves tool library closer

Crowdsourcing campaign hammers Victoria Tool Library closer to completion

A crowdsourcing campaign hammered the Victoria Tool Library closer to completion.

VicTL is pegged as a lending library where a member borrows household tools – from hammers, wrenches and power drills to rakes, ladders and rototillers. Members would pay an annual fee gaining unlimited access to the tool collection.

“We did a survey last year to find out what the community wanted from a tool library, including what they’d use it for,” said Stephanie Ferguson, VicTL board member.

The realm includes tools for gardening, building and art. They spent the last six months building the framework, incorporating as a non-profit in August, setting up a bank account, electing a board of directors and crafting a logo, among other things.

“The next thing we need to move forward is have a little seed money in the bank,” Ferguson said. “Other Canadian tool libraries have used crowdfunding campaigns. It’s a great way to start because it allows you to pre-sell memberships. We’re asking people to donate at least $50 and they’ll get a one-year membership.”

The campaign closed Feb. 29 and raised $8,575 for the potential program.

They’re also investigating partnerships and shared spaces.

“We want to be in the general central Victoria area to serve the Greater Victoria area. We’re still in that process of shopping around,” Ferguson said.

Find a link at online or get involved by emailing

“We can’t wait to get things fired up,” Ferguson said. “We think its going to benefit a lot of people and really be a great thing for the community.”