Bowling high on city youth priority list

Youth downtown feel judged for age or how they look

More than half of Victoria’s youth have experienced discrimination, according to a survey conducted by the city’s youth council.

Many feel judged because of their age or their looks. Thirty-two per cent of the 350 respondents are very unsatisfied with the availability of affordable housing; 60 per cent feel violence is an issue in Victoria; and transportation challenges, such as bus frequency, are the most important issues facing youth.

The ambitious survey cast a wide, but superficial net, leaving city council asking for more in-depth information in future surveys.

The youth council is a grassroots group of 10 people aged 14 to 24. Its goal is to represent youth issues to elected officials and to launch initiatives to engage youth. So what do young people want in their community?

“By far, the most common comment (in the survey) was a bowling alley,” said Sarah Amyot, the youth council co-ordinator.

The city has two bowling facilities – both are for lawn bowling.