All I wanted in 1989

In 1989, the Oak Bay Star (which became the Oak Bay News) published a number of Dear Santa letters

In 1989, the Oak Bay Star (which became the Oak Bay News) published a number of Dear Santa letters and Christmas-related writings by Monterey Elementary school Grade 3 students. We contacted a few of them now in their 30s to see if they remembered what they wrote, if they received what they asked Santa for, and what they are up to now.

On the night of Christmas, Christmas Eve, when a little elf named Little Steve, comes down the chimney with a bag of goodies, you greet him with some milk and cookies.

Then down the chimney came good old Saint Nick, carrying a candy cane for you to lick, then back up the chimney up on the roof, you can hear all the reindeer clicking their hoof.

Maia Green

Green doesn’t remember writing the poem and reacted with laughter hearing it repeated.

“That is hilarious,” Green said, adding she moved to Fiji for four years shortly after. “I should have followed a career in writing.”

Instead, Green pursued a career in environmentalism. She started the Bowker Creek rubber duck race and clean-up when she was a Grade 10 student at Oak Bay High and graduated from UVic with a degree in environmental studies. She lives in Victoria and is founder and chair of FUN Society, a charity that educates young people about the environment.

Dear Santa,

May I please have some old hockey or baseball cards and some goalie pads for hockey. May my dog have a bone, toys and a blankey. And for my brother some posters, please. I’m not sure what my Mom and Dad want.

Love from your friend,

Scott Naysmith

PS. Know [sic] underwear please.

Naysmith didn’t recall his letter either, but felt confident that he did get what he asked for.

“I’m pretty sure my wishes were met, my parents were pretty good that way,” Naysmith said. “I’m sure I got goalie pads. I remember I had some at some stage when I was younger.”

Naysmith chuckled about his warning to Santa about underwear and figured he must have received some the previous Christmas.

The 32-year-old recently finished his PhD from the London School of Economics where he studied infectious diseases. His research has taken him to places such as South Africa and Indonesia. He lives in Toronto.

Dear Santa:

Can you please bring me Nintendo and I won’t play it all the time. I will only play it on the weekends. Can I please have My Pet Monster? I will sleep with him all the time. Can I please have the golden arrow and can I please have 24 packs of hockey stickers. Please and thank you.

Your friend,

Angus Kant

Kant remembered having a Dear Santa letter published in the Oak Bay Star, his father is the former owner.

“My Pet Monster I got and the hockey cards I got for sure,” Kant said. “I disobeyed that (playing Nintendo only on the weekends) for sure.”

Kant now runs Party People Sound Solutions, a mobile DJ business and lives in Victoria.