125 ever-changing flags

Former mayor waves a wide array of colourful flags from his Beach Drive home

Chris Causton has about 125 flags in his collection

Chris Causton has about 125 flags in his collection

Evert Lindquist

News intern reporter

Passing Christopher Causton’s home on any given day, there’s a good chance you’ll see something other than the red maple leaf waving from his flag pole.

For about 15 years, the former Oak Bay mayor has collected a wide range of flags from various people.

Inspired by a woman on Beach Drive who used to collect and fly flags as well, Causton wasn’t actually able to fly the ones he had until he received his current flag pole about 12 years ago from another Oak Bay resident; she’d sold her house on Transit Road and knew Causton was collecting flags.

Today he has about 125 flags stored in the drawers of his desk.

Causton, originally from England, celebrates days and events for nations all around the world.

One is from his daughter, Jennifer, who brought back a flag from Zimbabwe after working there. The son of the woman who inspired Causton to take up this hobby contributed to his collection as well, giving him 30 flags.

Among countries, he also has flags representing sports teams, provinces and cities. “I have Calgary, I have Newfoundland, I have Townsend, Ont.,” Causton said.

Some people without poles ask Causton to fly their flags for them.

He shared one story about his Bulgarian neighbour who asked him to fly her national flag on June 2, reminding her husband when it’s her birthday.

“I’ve got one from a town in Ontario where I have to put it up on a certain day that’s in my calendar,” Causton said.

So the next time you go by Beach Drive and Transit Road, keep an eye out for the flag pole at the corner – it just might be flying your colours.