Year: 2014

2015: the year of climate adaptation
Forget whether your SUV is causing climate change. It's time to prepare of mega-fires and water conflict with the U.S. Pacific Northwest

Tom Fletcher / December 30, 2014

Group seeking to observe deer cull
Oak Bay council has announced to the public that it will begin a clover trap/bolt gun cull of 25 deer in Oak Bay in January 2015

Wire Service / December 26, 2014

Menorah use has changed
The comment that “The seven-candled menorah is used all year for Jewish worship and ceremony” is out of date by some two millennia

Wire Service / December 26, 2014

Cause spans generations
It is time to renew our support to the fight against TB by pledging $120 million over five years

Wire Service / December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas
The staff of the Oak Bay News would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas

Wire Service / December 24, 2014

Climate talks end 2014 in disarray
Peru climate conference kicked off with everyone pretending China and Obama made a breakthrough, went downhill from there

Tom Fletcher / December 23, 2014