Oak Bay Barbarian Dave Carson (green) leaps during a lineout to compete for the ball against Saint Michaels Blue Jag Euan Hannigan, right, during the 2017 Boot Game at Saint Michaels University School. The Blue Jags won 17-7 for the bronzed Gareth Rees boot. Kyle Slavin/SMUS

Saint Michaels hosts five championship rugby matches Thursday

Saint Michaels University School is hosting five Lower Island high school boys championships on Thursday.

The afternoon kicks off at noon when the Reynolds Roadrunners face Ladysmith for a Community Shield (exhibition trophy).

“This promises to be a fine day of rugby,” said Ian Hyde-Lay, SMUS coach and Lower Island boys rugby commissioner. “Let’s hope the weather cooperates.”

It’s a final opportunity for the teams to play ahead of the Island AA and AAA matchups at Brentwood College on May 18 and the provincials in Abbotsford two weeks after that, Hyde-Lay added.

At 1:30 p.m. the Claremont Spartans face Edward Milne for the Community Bowl, followed by the city boys junior final at 3 p.m. between the Oak Bay Barbarians and Claremont.

At 4:30 p.m. the surging Belmont Bulldogs take on Winston Stanley’s perennially strong Glenlyon Norfolk School for the second-tier Colonel Hodgkins Cup.

Storied rivals Oak Bay Barbarians and Saint Michaels Blue Jags kickoff in the final match of the day, starting at 6 p.m., for the Howard Russell Cup.

“Obviously, there will considerable interest in the SMUS-Oak Bay rematch, with BC AA No. 1-ranked SMUS having regained the Rees Boot ten days ago by virtue of a 17-7 victory over the AAA No. 3-ranked Barbarians,” Hyde-Lay said. “But the other programs involved are functioning very well. GNS has put together another fine season, while Claremont and Belmont continue to get stronger each year.”

Admission is free.