LETTER: Deer messes inflame resident

Reader calls for more action on ungulates in Oak Bay

I am getting more than just a little fed up with Oak Bay council’s lack of action on deer control.

My wife and I have worked hard over the past 30 years that we have lived in Oak Bay to plant and maintain a beautiful garden. We have also spent several thousand dollars on fencing our back yard and still the deer come calling crapping on our lawn, eating our flowers and generally making a mess of our yard.

If I choose to own a dog I am expected to keep it on a leash, pick up it poops, and stop it from trespassing on other people’s property. Deer are not sacred animals and it is time we stopped treating them as such. The do not belong in the city and clearly taking pictures of them, counting their ever increasing numbers and dreaming about some kind of birth control isn’t working.

Maybe if we were reimbursed by council for the damage deer have done to our property or started by withholding some portion of our property taxes and refused to pay for dog licences we would then see some meaningful action from our elected officials.

Bruce Cline

Oak Bay