Letter: Bowker approval dimishes reader confidence

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Notwithstanding the public opposition to the Bowker condo, councillors Tara Ney, Tom Croft, Michelle Kirby and Mayor Nils Jensen gave approval to it.

Croft is a realtor who made an online comment in support of the developer’s work. The News published a letter to its editor saying that Croft should either state that neither he nor any member of his sales team will ever take part in a purchase or sale of any of the residential units in the condo, or he should excuse himself from any of council’s further consideration of the proposal.

Croft told the News that he questioned how he could bind his associates. He was not reported as saying that he would not take part in a sales transaction of any of the units.

The standards of conduct for BC government employees say:

A conflict of interest occurs when an employee’s private affairs are in conflict, or could result in a perception of conflict, with the employee’s duties or responsibilities in such a way that: the employee’s actions or conduct could undermine or compromise:

(a) the public’s confidence in the employee’s ability to discharge work responsibilities; or

(b) the trust that the public places in the BC Public Service.

In my view that standard should apply to elected officials, in spades.

As a result of the actions of the members of council who voted to approve the condo, I have no confidence in their ability to properly govern in our district and can only look forward to their term in office coming to an end.

Bruce Filan

Oak Bay