Learn the Art of Fine Dining at Oak Bay Marina restaurant

Red Art Gallery show at the Marina Restaurant, 1327 Beach Drive until May 31

To mark their move from Oak Bay to Sidney, artist Marion Evamy and director Bobb Hamilton of Red Art Gallery decorate the walls of the Marina Restaurant with their colourful statement paintings. The “Art of Fine Dining” event offers art and food lovers together the chance to dine, browse and enjoy the waterfront through the month of May. Diners can put the full amount of their bill towards the purchase of any painting in the restaurant or on the Red Art Gallery website, within a quarter of the artwork’s original value.

“It’s been successful so far. Seven pieces have sold,” Evamy said. A portion of the proceeds from each sale goes toward the Marina Restaurant’s charity of choice, Oak Bay Sea Rescue.

Red Art Gallery was a popular Oak Bay gallery for seven years – six located on Oak Bay Avenue. Last year, the gallery closed its retail space, but all artwork remains available online or through appointments made to visit Evamy and Hamilton’s home. Evamy paints figurative, abstract, animal and landscapes.

Evamy is especially glad to have her art shown at the Marian Restaurant before the couple leaves Oak Bay. “We’ve done shows at the Marina Restaurant before. The diners and the restaurant are enthusiastic about the bold pieces on the walls.”

Red Art Gallery show at the Marina Restaurant, 1327 Beach Drive until May 31.