Tweed: Tea with Andy Brinton, Chief Constable, Oak Bay Police Department

Tweed editor Jennifer Blyth enjoys tea with Andy Brinton

As seen in Tweed Magazine

Tweed editor Jennifer Blyth enjoys tea with Andy Brinton, Chief Constable, Oak Bay Police Department.

How long have you worked in Oak Bay?

I have worked in Oak Bay for three years now. I worked in the RCMP prior to coming here with my last posting being Powell River. I live with my family near UVic and we love being in this corner of the Capital Region.

Where were you born and who is your family?

I was born in Ottawa but grew up in New Brunswick. My wife, Jocelyne, works in health care and we have two sons – one at UVic and the other at University of Toronto.

What else have you been involved in?

My role as police chief has given me the opportunity to work closely with the other leaders in the District of Oak Bay. We work as a team in all aspects of the municipality. I also work with other police chiefs in the Capital Region and throughout the province. This allows Oak Bay to be aligned with B.C. policing practices and ensures there’s a common approach when implementing policing standards.

Tell us about your work and/or hobbies?

On my own time, I spend time with my family. We are quite outdoors-oriented. We owned a sailboat for several years when we lived in Powell River and basically raised our kids on the boat. We are all avid cyclists as well. I’ve done a lot of mountain biking and some touring but I have been more road oriented since we moved here. I ride with a local club and have taken part in a number of Gran Fondos like the one up to Whistler and the Tour de Victoria. I also have a dual sport motorcycle and have done a trip each summer with some buddies.

What brings you joy?

I think being active and having a good friend base probably makes me happiest. I like meeting new people and finding out about them. I love watching my kids succeed. One is quite an outdoors person, mountain biking, caving and rock climbing. The other is an accomplished jazz musician, doing gigs around Toronto, playing stand-up bass and piano. They both seem to gravitate to leadership roles in whatever they get involved in and I watch that with a lot of pride.

Who is your hero and why?

I would say my father is a big hero. He was a police officer with the RCMP. We always lived in small towns and I watched how he integrated into the communities we lived in. He and my mother would really make it our home, connecting with people and getting involved in things. It was really inspirational to me in how I wanted to be when I became an RCMP member. I also really appreciated how he maintained a balance. He was always there for us.

Who are some interesting people you’ve met?

Here in Oak Bay, I really appreciate the sense of caring and duty to the community I see in people like Hazel Braithwaite and others I see doing great things for Oak Bay. They make the community. Over the years, I really enjoyed associating with everyday folks I have rubbed shoulders with like guys I’ve played hockey with and my mountain biking buddies.